4th of July in Disneyland

It’s so nice to be home and rest after a vacation like Disneyland. Even more so when you go during a holiday.

Usually, our annual trips to Disneyland happen around fathers day. This year I waited a little too long to make reservations. For that reason, the hotel we usually stay at only had availability during the week of July 4th. Of course, my brother was excited to be there on a holiday, but I had mixed feelings.

On the first of July, we packed up the car and drove down to Anaheim. That night we got a wonderful view of the fireworks from our hotel room.

View of the 4th of July fireworks (from July 1st – 4th) from our hotel room.

Monday we went to the California Adventure Park. I always loved riding Tower of Terror, so when they announced that the ride would become Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout, I was a little bummed out. The good thing was this meant shorter lines for everything else, as well as shorter wait times for fast passes.

We got fast passes to go on the new ride at 9:25 PM. It was a close call because we had passes for Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land which wouldn’t let us get passes for another ride until 11:45 AM. I got them at 11:46 and shortly after noon they were out of fast passes. Luckily we were able to go on the ride after World of Color, the nightly water show, and it only took about 15-20 minutes to get through the line.

On July 4th there is a special pre-show to celebrate America followed by the regular World of Color. I did not get to see this since I was in the Disney park on the 4th.

The ride was really fun. While I will miss the Tower Hotel, the new Guardians ride adds more story throughout. Instead of a story in the library and a narration as you begin the ride, you get scenes from the escape of the Guardians as you stop on different floors.

Something we did differently for the remaining two days was to wait until lunch time or just after having eaten lunch before going to the Disney park. Of course, this meant we had to wait in a ridiculously long line to get through security on the 4th, but no line to get into the park so that was great.

I was surprised that there weren’t as many people in the park when we first got there, considering it was a holiday, but once it was time to find a spot to watch the electrical parade more people showed up. Other years I have seen people watch the parade at 4 PM and stay in their spot to watch the night time parade and the fireworks. On the 4th of July, the cast members kept people from sitting on the sidewalk until 6 PM. That was when you could tell a lot of people were in the park.

Announcements would be made saying spots were still available near the Rivers of America to watch the fireworks since Main Street was full as was the area near It’s a Small World.

The best part was that I was finally able to eat at the Red Rose Taverne. It’s a new restaurant that is themed to Beauty and the Beast in Fantasyland. Since Belle is my favorite princess I had to check this out and try the grey stuff (and yes it is delicious).

The grey stuff is a red velvet cupcake with raspberries, covered in white chocolate mouse and sitting on a sugar cookie.

Overall, being in the Disney park on the 4th of July is almost the same as any other crowded day in Disneyland. The main differences are that most people are wearing red, white, and blue, photographers have a “Happy 4th of July” Disney frame for guests to take a picture with, and the fireworks.

If you want to avoid large crowds don’t go on a holiday, but if you don’t mind and want to be there for a holiday it’s nice to do at least once (personally, I would love to go in December). I had a great time in Disneyland this year, but I don’t think I would want to go back again on the 4th of July, mainly because I would like to avoid larger crowds as much as possible. Of course, this is all from my own experience in the park and maybe someone else loves going for the fireworks (they really are amazing).

Now to see what other places I can go to for a holiday…

Happy travels!


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