4th of July in Disneyland

It's so nice to be home and rest after a vacation like Disneyland. Even more so when you go during a holiday. Usually, our annual trips to Disneyland happen around fathers day. This year I waited a little too long to make reservations. For that reason, the hotel we usually stay at only had availability during [...]



"Two households, both alike in dignity (In fair Verona where we lay our scene)," (Prologue. 1-2) I read Romeo and Juliet my freshman year of high school as I am sure many others did. At the time, I thought they were cute, but I no longer view their love story that way. Honestly, I think they could [...]

5 Disneyland Tips to Save Your Sanity

After 14+ trips to Disneyland, I have learned how to get around and go on the most rides or get autographs with the most characters. These are five general tips that should help you get started with planning a trip to Disneyland. 1. Try to go during the off season If you have kids in [...]

3 things that helped me pack a weeks worth of clothes for 3 people in 1 bag

I'm off to Disneyland! As this is being uploaded I am in my car, driving, and exhausted because I wrote this last night after I finished packing. The good thing is that I didn't put off all packing until the night before like I did last year (I had so many regrets...). So this year [...]