Why I do things “Last minute”

While I do procrastinate as the bio in my Instagram and the home page may suggest, that doesn’t mean I don’t take the time to plan or get things done on time.

Let me explain…

My vacations are never certain, there are a lot of factors that make it hard for me to be sure if I will be able to go on a vacation out of the country, out of state, or out just out of town. Since most vacations are family vacations I have to take into account my brother’s school schedule, when payments are due, any health issues, other events or parties we want to attend, and my own school schedule for vacations before I graduated (now it’s hearing back about a job I applied to).

So it isn’t easy for me to say “I am going to go to New York” and just book a flight. We have to be sure that we CAN go, agree that we really want to go to that place, and then we have to agree on what we want to see once we’re there.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t gone on solo trips. I planned a three-week vacation to Mexico by myself because I was the only one who had time to travel since I had just graduated. I knew I wanted to be there for La Candelaria on February second, but the week after I didn’t have plans until my cousin invited me to spend the week with her in Guadalajara.

So I did have the flight purchased ahead of time (that’s necessary especially if you don’t have flexibility with the dates) and of course, I have to make hotel reservations with that (same reason as flights), but when it’s a day trip somewhere nearby it’s easier to be more spontaneous.

Usually though, especially with summer break, there is some flexibility. Last year I planned a trip to New York and I booked the flight and hotel a couple months before the day we wanted to get there. I then purchased tickets to a museum, the Empire State Building, and a tour the day before we left.

This is how I procrastinate, I know where I want to go, I have a general idea of what my family and I want to see, and as they tell me in detail what they want to do I research.

I spend a day or two looking at what’s walking distance from the hotel, a few days later I check out what tours there are and where the stops are for each one, then I look at what is near each stop. Before purchasing tickets for the tour, museum, and Empire State Building, I had made a map where I marked locations we wanted to see, nearby restaurants, our hotel, and a few of the tour bus stops.

Once we were in New York I didn’t need a map because of the time I spent making it in the first place.

So yes I do put things off a bit longer than other people might (I still haven’t bought the tickets to enter the Disneyland parks and we leave in a couple weeks), but I make sure that whatever needs to be done on a fixed day is planned first. The flexible things like what tour to take, which museum to visit, and others are so much easier to get right (for me) when you take time.

Plus, sometimes it’s more fun to take a spontaneous walk down 5th Avenue, or week in Guadalajara than to have every second of your trip set in stone.


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